Mill / Elga Mills

  • Three Elga Mills including CNC capability up to 8mtrs in length
  • CNC machining centres with 1mtr x 0.5mtrs table capacity
  • Conventional Milling Machines


  • Conventional lathes up to 630mm Diameter x 8mtrs
  • Facing Lathe 1700mm Diameter x 600mm Long
  • CNC Lathes up to 300 Diam up to 2mtrs


  • Approved welders
  • Small or Large Fabrications under taken in any materials
  • Weld repairs under taken


  • 500mtrs Diameter x 220mm Stroke


  • Large capacity / Hydraulic Cylinders/ Gearboxes/ Pumps

Cylindrical Grinding

  • 20mm- 400mm Diameter, up to 4mtrs long

Internal Grinding

  • Up to 200mm x 500mm Long

Surface Grinding

  • Up to 200mm x 1000mm Table.


  • Up to 400mm Diameter

Crane Capacity

  • Up to 10Tonne
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